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"We have brought about a stepchange in our service levels."


"We are extremely impressed with the Pinpointers vehicle tracking solution."


"With Pinpointers van tracking system, customer service targets have improved."

What our customers say about us...

"Can I just say that having worked in the transport industry for 22 years I have been responsible for having trackers fitted by various companies to various sizes of fleets, and I can honestly say that your system is the best I have experienced and I genuinely mean that.

I had years of hassle with other providers for various failings, but your system does exactly what it says on the tin, very affordable, easy to use and does what it's supposed to do, what a breath of fresh air!"

Nigel Myers - Managing Director at NM Distribution

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How does tracking my vehicles benefit my business?

Ask anybody who has used a business vehicle tracking system or van tracking system on their fleet, and they will tell you that they couldn’t live without it. In the same way that mobile phones became indispensable to us over a decade ago, now tracking has become the business tool that you know you must have if you are going to take full control of your fleet.

The range of benefits a fleet manager can derive from a fleet tracking system, and the driver behaviour data sent from a fleet equipped with GPS vehicle trackers, is quite remarkable. A reduction in each vehicle’s fuel consumption is the first and probably most noticeable, followed closely by improvements in business efficiency, a reduction in administrative tasks such as overtime claims or expenses submissions, improvements in customer relationships due to the increased transparency of operations, reduction in frequency of incidents and accidents, reduction in servicing requirements. All of these reduce operational costs within your business, and return complete control to you over your most remote assets - your vehicles and your drivers. And with rental options now available for this technology removing the need for long term lease contracts to be signed and/or upfront deposits to be made, there has never been a better time to equip your vehicles with van trackers. Shareholders

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With our Free Online Demo facility, you can see all of our vehicle tracking features being used with live vehicles! - So why not see for yourself just how valuable a tracking system is for monitoring and controlling your fleet of vehicles.