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Recent Success Stories...

Exclusive! Vehicle Tracking Service Provider for Major Sporting Events

Our most recent success stories include being chosen as the exclusive provider of vehicle tracking solutions and services for the incredible "Rio Olympics", "London Summer Olympics" and "Sochi Winter Olympics", as well as the "London Marathon" where our tracking service was shown tracking the lead athletes during the BBC's live coverage of the event.

Companies using our system at these events included:

What Our Customer Say About Us...

"Can I just say that having worked in the transport industry for 22 years I have been responsible for having trackers fitted by various companies to various sizes of fleets, and I can honestly say that your system is the best I have experienced and I genuinely mean that.

I had years of hassle with other providers for various failings, but your system does exactly what it says on the tin, very affordable, easy to use and does what it's supposed to do, what a breath of fresh air!"

Nigel Myers - Managing Director at NM Distribution

Key Client Testimonials...

Our top three key client testimonials, with details of how they have benefited from using our vehicle tracking and van tracking system.
Procter & Gamble

"Having operated with this system for 5 years, we have brought about a stepchange in our service levels. We are convinced of the merits of the Pinpointers vehicle tracking system, and are convinced the functionality available will be an essential ingredient for success in the future."

Tom Corps, Operations Director, P&G –

Procter and Gamble use  'Pinpointers Vehicle Tracking' System..

Orange PCS the UK mobile operator have started the implementation of Pinpointers vehicle tracking solution incorporating RFID driver identification. This latest success was achieved in competition against several other tracking companies, thereby demonstrating once again Pinpointers flexibility in providing innovative solutions, that meet customers specific requirements, at a reasonable cost.

The objective is to provide complete operational visibility so that management can enhance service efficiencies. It was imperative to Orange that the exact location of each engineer could be determined as staff did not always use the same vehicles and individual specialist skill sets varied.

By combining individual RFID technology with vehicle tracking, Orange can identify where each engineer is at any time and determine "who is nearest" to any network service issue. Management are confident that in the case of any fault, repair time can be reduced and customer service targets improved.

Orange use Pinpointers 'Vehicle Tracking & Driver Management System'.

Magdalene chose Pinpointers web based vehicle tracking solution based on its advanced technology and easy to use application interface. Using the system they are now able to monitor and control their mobile workforce, and in doing so improve customer service and better control costs.

Magdalene provides comprehensive independent solutions which address the individual needs of its customers throughout the telecommunications industry. Its capabilities encompass all phases - from needs capture, network design, procurement, project delivery to complete maintenance services and full network operations capabilities.

Headquartered in St. Ives, Cambridge, UK, with offices in Paris and Belfast, the company employs approximately 200 people. Established in 1996, it has dedicated marshalling and logistics, network operations and test bed facilities specifically designed to support its managed service offerings. Along with offering integration, implementation and network support tools Magdalene helps its customers, which include some of the main mobile and fixed operators in the UK, improve their delivery performance and network availability and reduce costs.

"We are extremely impressed with quality and reliability of Pinpointers vehicle tracking system."

Tony Irwin, Business Development Manager -

Magdalene use Pinpointers vehicle tracking system.


A selection of just some of the companies to have benefited from using the Pinpointers vehicle tracking & van tracking system: