Pricing Options

We offer a few different packages, as some people prefer no long term contracts whereas some prefer no upfront fees. So we have created four simple packages, two purchase options and two rental options.

Buy Outright/Purchase

The advantage of this option is that there is no long term contract, if a vehicle comes off the road for an extended period of time, or just the shape of the business changes, you can stop payment for any unit the next month. And for complete peace of mind that it wasn’t a wasted investment, we will buy back the unit for up to £40 (you just need to remove the unit and sent it back to us in the post) if you find that you don’t need or want it within the first 6 months. The trackers carry a 2 year on site warranty. You can also write down the upfront purchase costs as IT equipment in your year-end accounts, so you will recover most of the upfront purchase cost over time.


This option is better if you don't want any upfront costs, but we do ask for a minimum commitment period. The longer the period, the less you pay. The equipment is under warranty for as long as you keep on renting it. However, the equipment must be returned to us in good working order should you wish to cancel the service after the contract term. Any devices not returned in good working order will be charged at £99 plus VAT.