Power Delay Cable

In most circumstances a standard installation in your vehicle will give you the recording performance that you need. A standard installation involves connecting the power supply for the camera via a switched ignition line – in other words, the camera is only drawing power and running when the ignition is turned on.

In some circumstances you might want to ensure the camera remains powered for a short period of time after the ignition is turned off. If your vehicles are doing a lot of short journeys, or if you are concerned about incidents that could occur shortly after the vehicle is left unattended, we can install an optional Power Delay Cable. This has a timer that can be set to between 10 minutes and 10 hours delay. This ensures the camera is still running in between a short stop and start, for example during a delivery or at a lunch break. It also ensures that you don’t miss any potential incidents within the first 45 seconds of turning the ignition on, as the camera has to go through a boot up process before it is ready to start recording. We have 12V and 24V Delay Cables.