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Vehicle Tracking Case Study of Business Benefits

Seven real-life benefits achieved via the use of our Vehicle Tracking system. .

1/ A customer on a coach complained about a coach driving too fast. I questioned the driver and he denied it. I checked the tracker and found a notorious bend he had gone round at 18 MPH, I visited the site and decided that a maximum speed of 10mph on that bend was tops and he had been speeding. Customer and driver both informed, customer very happy, driver suitably ashamed. Benefit to us, a better public profile, vehicles being driven better = more work and a better reputation. You cannot put a price on that.

2/ Norfolk Council phoned to say a coach was running late into a school (latest time allowed to arrive is 08.50 hrs) I checked the tracker history, it never arrived later than 8.49 hrs, School admitted they might have had clocks running a bit fast!

3/ A school complained we hadn’t dropped some kids off at Easton College in Norwich. Driver questioned and he said the kids had told him that as they had gone in late it wasn’t worth their while going to college and had asked to be dropped in Norwich which he did. School complained (naturally) I investigated tracker and found he had actually sat at Easton College for an hour. On further questioning he had let the kids stay on the coach and have lunch. We instantly suspended him, reported to the school and whilst they were upset at what he had done were full of praise for the way we handled it and have rebooked their entire activity weeks coaches with us.

4/ Driver’s know they are being tracked and their driving habits change, fact. It is like having you sitting in every vehicles on every trip.

5/ One driver constantly booked 10/15 minutes more than other drivers at the end of a shift to clean. We checked the tracker and found out he was getting to the yard, having a coffee then cleaning. This has been stopped.

6/ A mum called one morning to say her son had not been picked up on a school run as the coach had not turned up. Whilst she was on the phone I checked the tracker and informed her the coach had been outside her house at 08.05 hrs and had waited 1 minute and 40 seconds before moving off as nobody was at the stop and nobody appeared. She said she must have missed it. People simply do not question a tracker, EVER.

7/ A customer called to ask where a coach was at Carrow Road in Norwich at 5am one morning, whilst she was on the phone I told her he was turning into Carrow Road and would be with her any second. Whilst on the phone she said “I can see him now”. She was mega impressed and impressed people tell 12 other people. Upset somebody and 60 people get to know about it.